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Men and Women Should Not Serving Together in Military Units

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Amanda Libbie Kelebit

Lecturer Miss Indra Mohini

English 104

3rd August 2009

Men and Women Serving Together in Military Units:
Men and women should not serving together in military units

Physical differences, leadership and sexual assault are the factors contribute to the issue regarding men and women serving together in military units. The statement regarding men and women serving together in military units is meant that two different entities work as one in armed forces. The main point at the mean time is about the factors of men and women involve together in military units. Some would support this statement; some would rather on the opposition side. Men and women were classified as a group called gender. Men are subjected as masculine entities whereas women are subjected as feminine entities.

      According to Wikipedia, the word gender comes from Middle English word “gendre” which means ‘kind’, ‘type’ or ‘sort’. It comprises that there is a range of differences between men and women, extending from the biological to the social level. As a verb, it means breed in the King James Bible: 1616 “Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind” – Leviticus 19:19. But in the first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED1, Volume 4, 1900) notes the original meaning of gender as ‘kind’ had already become obsolete. So, it means that men and women are no longer two different entities but more as same level of human being. So, what does this related to military units? Military units are easily defined as involvement of men or women or both in the combat and armed forces during preparatory or war time. It implicate that both men and women have the freedom in choosing themselves whether serving together in military units is the right choice or not.

      Furthermore, military is related with war and war is related with renaissance. According to Castiglione, being too tall or too short can hinder the development of a man's athletic skills...


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