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Men and Women

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Ethnicity & Gender

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Gender differences: Evaluating how men and women communicate

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by Joan Inong

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There is some accuracy when people say, "Men are from Mars and women are from Venus." Men and women communicate differently; men communicate primarily by using verbal language and physicality, while women communicate using oral language.

For instance, some men say that women have their own "language." This language isn't easily identified, but they know that it involves certain movements, gestures, and words that most women seem to easily understand, and most men don't. Women will make a certain kind of eye contact with each other, and it might mean, "I'm angry with you for doing so-and-so," or it might mean, "Are we both going to Ginny's party on Saturday?" Many women will also "make" their "own" language by creating opposites of what they mean to say, or by using metaphors which, to men, women can only understand. A good example of this is when a woman is angry, and says something tinged with sarcasm. A man might not catch the sarcasm readily, perhaps not even until the damage has been well done.

On the other hand, men's "oral language" is quite easy to understand. Many of them do not bother to tinge their meanings with sarcasm or opposites; instead, most men will say what they mean to say. This does not mean that women cannot be blunt or assertive; it just means that the two sexes choose different modes of communication. Many men will choose to settle hardcore arguments by using their fists, while women may choose to talk about probable solutions. Men and women will choose different ways to say the same thing. Take Valentine's Day as an example. Women will perhaps do little things...


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