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Do Women Speak Differently Then Men?

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From the literature on sociolinguistics and from your own observation of speech of men and women (in both same-sex and cross-sex conversations), do you believe women always speak a purer, more refined and more polite language than men?

Language is used by both men and women to communicate, but do women talk differently from men? Is language comprehended and used differently by women and men? Do both men and women use the same words to express their feelings, and same ways to make friends, or argue?

The differences between men and women’s speech show up grammatically. As an example of lexical differences, imagine a man and a woman both looking at the same shirt, with a pinkish shade of purple, the woman may say:
1- the shirt is mauve
No one would have any strong reaction on her choice of words, but if the man says 1, people might think he is being sarcastic or was a homosexual or an interior decorator. And that shows that Women are more precise in naming colors than do men, words like “beige, ecru, aquamarine, and lavender” are rich in a woman’s active vocabulary, but absent from that of most men. (Roman, Camille., Juhasz, Suzanne., Miller, Christanne, 1994)
Men consider more important matters that could involve their egos than naming a certain shade of color, such as what kind of job to hold .whereas Women are not expected to make important decisions; therefore they sop their minds in naming a color. (Roman, Camille., Juhasz, Suzanne., Miller, Christanne, 1994)
As another example on the differences between men and women’s speech, let’s take a look at these two phrases.  
A: oh shit
B: oh goodness
One would assume that A is taken from a man’s speech , and B from a woman’s speech, however in the relatively recent time many women are becoming able to use words like “shit” publically, even though it’s still being disapproved, so the fact that more and more women are using men’s language recently analogues to the fact that men’s jobs are being...


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