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Industrialization began its mighty impact in the later part of the 18th century when Europe’s economy was introduced to the concept of industrialization. This concept impacted not only Europe but the world as a whole. Many new ideas and opportunities quickly followed. Industrialization brought not only its advantages but its disadvantages with it, helping to shape the world that we now live in.
Europe’s industrialization brought many advantages and new opportunities to Europeans. With the introduction of a new sort of work force, many jobs became available to those who were willing to work. Factories and machinery were introduced which employed thousands. With the introduction of these facilities, many new products and services became available to the public. With the introduction of these so called ‘goods’ to the people, society was able to raise its standard of living. Products were made in mass quantities, meaning that their prices were relatively low. Due to this, the majority of Europe was able to benefit from them. Technology vastly improved during this time period. The health of Europe became more stable as doctors became more technologically advanced. New medicines and medical procedures were discovered helping to ensure a healthier lifestyle for the public. Industrialization helped to reduce poverty within Europe which eased the stress on governments. The poor were able to enter the workforce and receive wages. With those wages they could provide for themselves enough to adequately meet their needs for survival. People became more aware of the ‘quality’ of life and constantly strived to accelerate themselves to a more advanced level. Industrialization helped to make society independent, stabilizing Europe as a whole. Its effects are evident into today’s society.
With every good intention, though, there comes a bad. Industrialization also carried negative impacts into society. Due to the dem...


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