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Industrialization Used in World War I

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During World War I, countries used technology to help them become more powerful and stronger against the enemies.   Unlike the days where spears and sticks were used, the Industrial Revolution allowed the new technologies to make new weapons and upgrades for old weapons more deadly and more powerful.   The automatic machinegun was one of these deadly weapons used to kill many invading armies at once.   From this new weapon and many others, the world changed for the worse.

Not only did countries now have possession to take over cities and towns, the first-world powers were able to knock out countries without much work needed.   A poison gas is one of these inventions that could knock out any person since it attacked in random directions depending on the winds.   Both Allied and Ententes obtained and used these weapons for chemical warfare.

Even with these new inventions, the newest and one of the most devastating was the aircraft.   Planes brought a new outlook to the battlefield as bombs could be dropped and machine gun fire could be used in air combat.   Countries without possession of airplanes were at a disadvantage; thus, only those with enough money to build these powerful innovations had a chance to defeating their enemy.   Germany invented a U-boat for the sea; as a result, heavy battle could be fought in land, air, and water.   With all these inventions and the coming of the Atomic Bomb, the world would never be the same and the battlefield would be changed forever.


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