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Oilseed Extraction Processing Henan Huatai

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One,Rapeseed oil leaching process
Oil leaching method is applied the principle of extraction, choose organic solvent to dissolve grease with pretreatment oilseed material in contact - soaking or spraying, grease was dissolved.
This method makes the solvent and the grease form a solution, this solution is called mixed oil.
Using the different boiling point of solvent and oil, mixed oil evaporation, stripping, evaporate the solvent, grease and crude oil.Recovery the steamed vapor condensate, recycling use.
Second, the leaching characteristics of rapeseed oil
(a) leaching rapeseed oil characteristics
Leaching rule of oil is the world recognized advanced method of oil, it basically has the following advantages:
1. The meal low residual oil
During oil squeeze process, because the pretreatment process can't make fuel cells completely destroy, protein denaturation could not be thoroughly;
Vats chamber pressure chamber temperature can't be very high, Vats chamber can not be very big.
Therefore, squeezing method, it is not possible to squeeze net oil, pressed cake residual oil rate is higher.Such as ZX 18 type oil press, its residual oil rate is between 5% - 5%.
In other hand either directly or squeeze leaching, the leaching meal can be residual oil rate control under 1%.
2. Good quality of the meal
Compared with oil press legal system, in the leaching rule of oil production, due to the low operating temperature of the relevant process, the solid material protein denaturation degree was smaller, the quality of the pulp is better.
3. The production cost is low
First,compared with oil press legal system, the technology adopted by the legal system of oil production line commonly full, high mechanization degree, and easy to realize automation production.
Second, leaching plant use less operators, less labor intensity.
Third, leaching oil process energy consumption of the corresponding legal system should also be lower.
As a result, the leaching rule of oil production cost is...


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