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Res 341 Complete Class / Res 341 Research and Evaluation I

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RES 341 Complete Class / RES 341 Research and Evaluation I

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Week 1:
Res 341 Individual Assignment: Current Business Research Project Paper
    • Use the University Library or the Electronic Reserve Readings to locate a peer-reviewed article that reports original research.
      • Search “major databases (e.g. – ProQuest)” in the Online Collection, and use the key search words, “research studies in” to obtain an article. You can select communication, finance, economics, marketing, technology, or another faculty approved topic for the research study.
      • Write a 350- to 700-word synopsis of the article, including the following:
      • Define the business research and its purpose.• Explain the business problems under investigation.• Describe the data collection methods used in the research project.• What did the researchers conclude as a result of their research?
Discussion Questions
How do statistics relate to research?
Should an organization create research testing for all problems confronting the business? Why or why not?
Describe the null and alternate hypotheses.  Why do the null and alternate have to be mutually exclusive?
XYZ Corp. is seeking a Widget machine that is faster than their current machines.  Currently, their machine makes 100 widgets per hour.  XYZ is going to test any new machines before purchasing.Write the null and alternate hypotheses for the tests.  Write the null and alternate in both the standard verbal format and the scientific notation format described in your text readings.
Should a company be pro-active or reactive in the use of research methodologies? Why or Why Not?  Give examples that you have seen where a company should have been pro-active or reactive.
What is an example of a hypothesis that you have used in your personal and/or professional life? Please state what the hypothesis is, how you utilized it and what the outcome of the situation was?


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