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Friend at School Essay

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Lesson focuses:
 Review of the paragraph structure
 Definition of an essay
 Overview of essay structure
 Outlining an essay
Time allocation table: 4 periods
Review of the paragraph structure
Definition of an essay
Essay structure



1 period
2nd and 3rd period
4th period


The paragraph and the essay([1], p.102 & [2], pp.15-16)

Activity 1: Read the paragraph below and do the following:
1. State what type it is
2. Identify its topic and controlling idea
3. State its supporting ideas
My Uncle
My uncle Patricia is one of the most interesting people in my family. He is old and
has a wrinkled brown face. On his arm, there is a tattoo. Patricio has an intriguing
history. He and my mother were born in a small village in the mountains. When he was
seventeen, he left home to explore the world. Now he fixes air conditioners in Los
Angeles, and during the winter months, he sometimes comes to visit us and play the
accordion. I love spending time with my uncle Patricio because he has an interesting look
and a mysterious past. Someday, I hope that he will tell me more about his life.
Activity 2: The following is an example of the essay. Use the information in the essay
together with that of the paragraph in Activity 1 to answer the questions.
My family is full of happy, crazy, and talented people. My aunt Margarita has a
yard full of orphaned pets. My brother Jose is an expert tailor, and my mother loves to
experiment in the kitchen. However, I think the most interesting is my mysterious uncle

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Patricio is an elderly man now, with white hair sticking up all over his head.
Beneath his messy hair, he has a wrinkled brown face and powerful dark eyes that show
many emotions. Patricio is tall and skinny. He wears baggy pants and a plaid shirt. He
has a tattoo of a heart on his arm. The heart has the word Rosa written across it...


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