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Work with Me

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Work With Me! Resolving Everyday Conflict in Your Organization

How do you handle an unresponsive manager, a backstabbing coworker, a complainer, a worrier or anger in the workplace?   There is not a workplace in the world that does not experience some type of conflict at one time or another.   Work With Me! Resolving Everyday Conflict in Your Organization is about resolving conflict in an organizational environment by helping individual analyze situations and possible options before coming up with a solution to a workplace issue.   It does not mislead people into thinking that every situation can be fixed and even mentions that sometimes leaving a bad situation alone may be the best option.  
In Work with Me! Gini Graham Scott, an organizational consultant and speaker, presents a systematic approach to resolving everyday conflicts at work through her ERI ( Emotion-Reason-Intuition) model.   The ERI (Emotion-Reason-Intuition) model is a common sense approach that can be applied to any conflict situation.   It deals with two very important contributors to conflict-emotions and miscommunications and discusses tools for managing emotions and strategies for resolving communication problems.   This book is written for everyone within an organization-workers, managers, supervisors, human resource directors, and Chief Executive Officers.   Work With Me! offers the tools needed for taking charge of workplace conflicts and developing skills to conquer emotional barriers to resolving conflicts; overcome common communication problems; and recognize the organizational and political factors that can create friction.   This book also help identify individual interests, needs, and wants that drive conflict situations; dealing with difficult people; applying a variety of conflict and negotiation styles, and brainstorming ideas to generate resolution alternatives in order to visualize optimal outcomes.  

Conflict in the workplace is a fact of life.   Difficult situations can occur...


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