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Should the Rich Be Taxed More?

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Cole Miller
Ms. Honaker
English 101
Should the Rich be Taxed More?
As of the past few decades, the United States has found it self neck deep in a seemingly endless pool of debt. Amounting to, currently, over 19 trillion dollars, the government needs other ways to encourage economic growth and give its citizens a clean beautiful home while also climbing out of its debt pool, and the way they achieve this is through taxes. Today, as the gap between the rich and the middle class widens, the rich, otherwise known as the Ten percent, earned nearly half of the nations income. To simplify that, if there were only $10 in existence, 1 out of 10 people, owns five out of that ten dollars! Many would say that taxing the ten percent would   shorten the resources they have to invest in new businesses (Glazer) and reduce the likelihood of entrepreneurs taking risks, but in actuality, they earn enough to easily absorb the blow of higher income taxes. By putting slightly more stress on the rich, it would allow the middle and lower class to keep more of their hard earned money, thus encouraging more spending and increase the re-circulation of revenue back into small businesses, strengthening the economy. And finally, its merely ethical for the wealthiest men and women in this nation to help shorten the wealth gap and take the weight off of the shoulders of those who work hard and give their companies the business that keeps them running.  

When one thinks of a business, its not just about the person who owns the business, its about the people who run it, the people who operate the stores, and the people buy the products or items provided by said business. Those people, the life and soul of these businesses, are known as the middle-class. Without the middle-class, there would be nobody to run the stores, nobody to manage employees, nobody to create the product, and most importantly nobody to purchase the product! This is why the money must be kept in their hands....


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