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Globalisation Widens the Gap B/W the Rich and Poor

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The globe has become a world and recently there aren't longer national boundaries between each nation. Most corporations, media, culture and even problems of one country can be the issue of all over the world. These phenomenon called 'globalization' have both faces which are good effects and bad ones. And it is one of bad influences that globalization has widen the gap between the rich and the poor. The reasons of this effect are the problems of the multinational corporation, of meat-eating and of environmental protectorate treaties.

First of all, we can take the multinational corporation for the first reason. There are dozens of multinational corporations all over the world including developing countries. Korea, also, has a lot of corporations such as 'Coca cola', 'IBM', 'Motorola' and so on. These are very helpful for citizens to get the developed culture, materials and employment, but these influence the domestic economic to be worse. For example, the company like 'Coca cola' at the poor countries makes children of poorer countries the consumer of 'Coca cola'. In addition to that, they monopolize the domestic capital and make domestic companies go out. So the countries' economy become worse and worse because there is no longer power to establish and manage its economy by itself. Then there must be big development differences between the rich and the poor.

Secondly, the effect of meat-eating is the next reason. Since the ancient times, meat-eating has been very important way to get the protein to survive. But recently, meat-eating becomes not only for surviving but also for meeting humans' appetite. And then this simple fact changes the whole world's circumstances. The anthropologist 'Jeremi Rifkin' refer this in his book 'Beyond Beef'. While there are a lot of people who are dying for starvation, there are also developed countries use the Third world's grain, so it makes the phenomena that "Human beings in developing countries are suffering from hunger but...


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