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The Income Gap Between the Rich and the Poor in Chinese Society

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Title: The income gap between the rich and the poor in Chinese society

    As our society develops at a fast speed, the income gap between the rich and the poor gets enlarged. The main reason is that economic development is not balanced between eastern and western cities, urban and rural areas. Many professors think it’s a good phenomenon for some of our citizens get rich and then helps the whole society. While I insist that the government should keep balance to reduce the income gap,for the unbalanced development will bring several problems such as social unrest, limitations for economic growth and so on.
    Firstly, the bigger income gap will result in social unrest. "It's worth noting that according to experience in many countries and regions, social contradictions will increase as per capita GDP grows from the 1,000 US dollar level to the 3,000 US dollar level. China is precisely in this period," says the article. "Decision makers should not turn a blind eye to the big income gap." (Christina, p. 6) People also regret about hefty income of monopoly industries, for instance, electricity and fossil oil, which widens income gap and worsened social equality. Finally it will result in collapse of the society. Nowadays in China, the conflict is apparent, which is closely linked with widened income gap. In Ningbo, Zhejiang province, more than 50 cars were partly damaged by a male who was about 30, who envied the rich people for a long period. While the famous ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle pointed out: social unrest "are often challenged for" inequality "reason", "infighting is always a requirement 'equality' wishes the seedling grow." (Hu, Lianhe, p. 4) The explanation is that people care about treating with justice. While quite a large amount of individuals believe the phenomenon that income gap is widening is not reasonable. They hold the opinion that many individuals get richer through an improper way, such as corruption and bribes. As a consequence...


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