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Gap Between Poor and Rich

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wenn poor and richThe gap between rich and poor people is widening in my country. Although some officials deny it, people can obviously see the growing impact of Iran’s economic chaos every day. To make ends meet, more and more Iranians are forced to work harder. The economy of Iran is a mixed and traditional economy and it is dominated by oil and gas production. Indeed, the economy of Iran is dependent upon global price of oil. Increasingly stringent sanctions imposed by international community as a result of Iran’s nuclear program, oil export fell by a half. Thus, unemployment and inflation have risen dramatically. Not only the sanctions affected on Iran’s economy, but also there is kind of mismanagement between governors. Apparently, the government can not control the price of goods owing to lack of plan and power. They strongly believe that cutting the subsidy couldn’t be   cause of this unacceptable situation. In contrast, most of the Iranians are against this claim. Faced with the prospect of further hardship, people have begun to show signs of panic and disappointment. Overall, it is clear that urgent actions need to be taken to change this inflame situation. Nowadays, the trend of rising price is harsher and worse than ever and it is not difficult to sense it. The very simple fact is that the economy is terribly bad and the gap between poor and rich is getting wider and wider. Based on the majority of critics idea, the government must do something urgently to ease economic pressure on people. Undoubtedly, governors should negotiate with other countries constrictively and reform to their economic programs.


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