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Flow Chart

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There is a flow chart illustrating how to write a formal academic essay for a special university course.(Overall) the process is divided into six steps.

At the first private tutorial step, the task and the topic should be discussed with tutor a reading list should be obtained, such as books and articles. The second step is doing research, in which notes are taken from library, and questionnaires, interviews and surveys are done. After that, you can start to write the first draft and pay attention to if a formal written style is used. Then you can start the second private tutorial or group discussion. Lastly, after reading resource materials again and considering the suggestions in the second draft step, you go into the final draft step, during which make sure compiling a bibliography and adding a title page before the deadline.

According to a recent survey, the population of the whole world will be over 5billion by 2010. What a horrible figure! The increasing serious problems of overpopulation have troubled human being for more than 30 years because its vital effect on people’s life.

Too much population is a definitely disaster to some poor undeveloped countries such as the African countries. To begin with, from the viewpoint of government, there are a series of problems e caused by overpopulation. the most important one is too much limited food to   cram hungry people . Furthermore, the living conditions and the public instructions, such as schools and hospitals, will become shorter due to the increasing population. Last but not least, according to a survey, high criminal rates often happened in the region where too much poor people lived without regular income.

Overpopulation also exerts negative effect on other developed country. The increasing gap of income between poor and rich countries will lead to a racialism even the warwhich impose a potential threat on world peace.

From my point of view, several measures can be taken to ease the...


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