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Globalization and the Worlds Poor

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Globalization has had detrimental effects on the worlds poor while serving the interests of first world countries.   Whether or not globalization has a positive impact on the world is of much concern, especially to those unfortunate countries who are economically deprived.   Going beyond the economics of the situation, it can be said that the world is slowly becoming ‘Westernized’.   Mass globalization encourages mass assimilation. Some may argue that globalization gives multinational corporations too much power over the world’s economy.   This can be taken one step further by asserting that it is not the companies, by their own merit, who take control over the economic situation, but the rich countries take advantage of their poorer counterparts through international networking communities.   The phrase “you need money to make money” has never been truer in this context.   On a less cynical note, globalization deters protectionism, opening   up boarders to an easier flow of ideas and products.   This has had the effect of cut backs on tariffs, causing international trade to become more efficient.   The United Nations is an example of an ongoing attempt to resolve various issues through international cooperation. Globalization leads to the downfall of the worlds poor by increasing the opportunity for selfish interests to be pursued at the expense of third world countries; Westernization, multinational corporations and first world countries, guided by globalization, cheat the world’s poor.

Multinational corporations (MNC’s), with the aid of globalization, wield too much power over the world’s economy.   On the list of the top hundred largest economies in the world, MNC’s take up fifty-one spaces.   More than half of the worlds one hundred largest economies fall into the hands of MNC’s, a group that has one goal in mind – corporate profit.   Their relentless greed is exemplified in their reckless endangerment of the third world countries they manufacture in,...


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