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Dbq Essay on Farming Boom

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Conor Collins February 25, 2016
Mother Blatt US History Period 8
Society in America in the early 19th century has been influenced and advanced by the growth of farming crops and plantations. America was mostly a land of farms early on, but with the growth of industrialization and urbanization in the late 19th century came an important change in America.   Trying to sustain the job of a farmer during this period became difficult, agitating, and harsh, where small farmers could not compete with society and its large businesses.   Due to laissiez-faire, farmers could not receive any aid from the government. This led to the government not being involved.
The unfair practices of railroads, where big businesses got cheap long distances and small businesses got expensive short distances, and the decreasing prices of crops caused the plight of farmers in the late 19th century. Farmers tried to resolve these problems by proposing the silver standard and organized groups (ex. Populist Party) in order to protect themselves. By forming and organizing, farmers overcame the harshness of the railroads.
Currency and money was another issue and cause of the plight of farmers.   Most of the farmers were in serious debt in the late 19th century since they borrowed money to buy land and machinery in an attempt to sell more crops and earn greater profits, practically competing against the bigger businesses which was a complete and utter waste of time because the bigger businesses obviously were going to dominate the game. This caused the decrease of crop prices, where the farmers did not earn enough in profits to hold their own, let alone stay afloat in society and their economic situations.   Farmers then needed to figure out a way to pay off their debts to the “money-lenders of the East” (Doc. 2).   This could be compared to loan sharks in today’s world. People need money that the bank will not supply them, so they get it from loan sharks, but when they are unable...


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