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Netw 589 Discussions Week 1-7

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NETW 589 Discussions Week 1-7

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NETW 589 Discussions Week 1-7 Wireless Communication All Students Posts 410 Pages Keller

NETW 589 How Do You Use Wireless Discussions 1 Week 1 All Students Posts 39 Page Keller

No doubt you use wireless devices every day. Provide some examples as to what the device does, the size of the device, and the frequency the device uses.   What are the wireless devices you use at home? What frequency do they operate on?   Class, What is Ultra Wide Band? Has anyone of you used it or is using it?   What is the range of UWB? what frequency does it operate on ? Is it secure?…
NETW 589 The Replacement for DSSS, OFDM Discussions 2 Week 1 All Students Posts 39 Pages Keller
Until recently most low-speed devices used FHSS and higher-speed devices used DSSS; today Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing is the new method. What is OFDM? How is it used? Why is it used?   Class, before we jump in into the different modulation techniques, what is meant by modulation? Why is it important?   What is the difference between analog and digital? Why did most technologies move to Digital? What drawbacks did analog transmission have?   What are spread spectrums? How do FHSS and DSSS compare?…
NETW 589 Impediments to Transmission Discussions 1 Week 2 All Students Posts 30 Pages Keller

Look around you. How many impediments to successful wireless transmission do you see? How can these be overcome? What is attenuation? how does it occur? What do you do to solve the problem of attenuation?   What are some ways to overcome interference?…
NETW 589 Antennas Discussions 2 Week 2 All Students Posts 28 Pages Keller
Look at the wireless devices you use. Where is the antenna? What type of antenna is it? What is polarization? why is it important in WLANs?   What is antenna Efficiency? Can we achieve 90%-100% efficiency on an antenna?….
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