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Discuss How the Example Deals with Race or Gender Relationships.

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Discuss how the example deals with race OR gender relationships.
Beer probably is the world’s oldest alcoholic beverage.   Besides that, beer also is the most popular beverage in many societies. An alcohol producer, Carling, formerly known as Carling Black Label in the United Kingdom, is the best selling beer in the United Kingdom. Although Carling beer is the best selling beer in United Kingdom, but it is owns by a Canadian company called W & J Carling Brewing Company. This advertisement is comes from ‘The Canadian Design Resource’ website. The Canadian Design Resource is a website which is a company can helps it customers design their advertisement. W & J Carling Brewing Company, is one of its customer, The Canadian Design Resource helped them designed an advertisement and distributed in its own website. According to the website, Carling beers’ advertisement was designed by TAXI Canada Inc. The Canadian Design Resource giving a platform to their customers, including W & J Carling Brewing Company to show their product – beers.  
According to the website, there are three similar posters who are advertising the Carling Beers. These three posters are using couples to be protagonist of the advertisement. From this point, it is clearly reveal that Carling Beers’ target is the couples and also family. The first poster slogan “his beer savings help pay off my student loan”. This poster is targeting young couples’ customers. Most of the young couples are student or fresh graduated student; they are having huge student loan need to bear. Beers is an indispensable beverage in western countries; these young couples probably could not afford the high cost of beers. Carling beers is targeting this type of couples, showing that Carling beers is affordable and even it can help couples to save money to pay off their student loan.
“Affordable and savings money”, these are the two of the selling points of the Carling beers. The words “affordable and savings money”...


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