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Italy, What a Lovely Country

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Italy, what a lovely country

“Tragedy will always happen when An idealistic leader meet a formalism nation.”
1922, Mussolini take over the appointment of prime minister from the king of Italy. On the Inauguration ceremony, he swears with confidence: “I, Benito Mussolini, swear to god. I will make Italy become one of the strongest countries in the world! No one and nothing can stop us!”
Benito Mussolini, a tireless nationalist. He used to attend Communist Party groups, incited people in The Austro Hungarian Empire to resistance their occupation. After that, he found a newspaper which advocate Italian nationalism, gain a high prestige. He attends the wwi. He showed how heroic he was when everyone else was afraid of battle. When be moved back to rear, he start he newspaper again. After seen how timid Italian is, he always put a gun, pointing at himself, when he was working.
As the wwi came to the end, Italy pay a lot. However, Britain and France indifferent Italy, even take away Italy’s activity space. When the whole country fall into the vortex of recession, Benito Mussolini stand up. He use he social prestige and relationship in the army, he build up Fascist.
"If a country wants to develop, it must eliminate those parasites and destabilizing factors in the society! They should be eradicated mercilessly!" He set various decrees, trying to teach lazy Italians to work hard by increasing working hours and allowing non-late; and established a complete set of militarized social organizations, trying to clear the undisciplined problem that poisoned the deepest part of the Italian nation". The cruelest thing was dealing with the Mafia, a horrible organization, whose ruthless means had deeply buried in the minds of the Italian people and whose influence had even surpassed the government in the south of Italy. This seriously obstructed Mussolini to expand his prestige. But Mussolini soon proved that he was crueler than the mobs--the mafia: to tackle baseness with...


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