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Corruption in India

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1. Introduction
In its most general sense, corruption means the per¬version or abandonment of a standard. Hence it is common to speak of language or of moral corruption. More narrowly corruption refers to the abandonment of expected standards of behaviour by those in authority for the sake of unsanctioned personal advantage.
In the business sphere, a company director is deemed to be corrupt if he sells his private property to the company at an inflated price, at the expense of the shareholders whose interest he is supposed to safeguard. Lawyers, architects and other pro¬fessionals are similarly guilty of corruption if they take advantage of their clients to make undue personal gains.
"Corruption free government is not a necessary condition for rapid economic development. If the corporate and institutions work and uncertainty is checked, progress is possible". -S. Swaminathan
Corruption in any form is treated as an incurable disease, a cause of many social and economical evils in the society and it damages the moral and ethical fibres of the civilization. Indisputably, it is correct that corruption breeds many evils in the society and once corruption starts taking place, slowly and gradually whole country passes through its net and it becomes after sometime an incurable disease. From the point of view of economic growth, there seems to be no clear cut correlation between corruption and the economic growth of a country. There may be presence of some social maladies like inequality of income among the people, moral degradation of people due to the prevalence of corruption, but the parameters of economic growth which are taken on percentage or an average basis are entirely different.
can find several countries having corrupt regime but yielding excellent economic results and other countries with clean regime showing very poor results in terms of economic prosperity and growth.
Transparency International publishes every year lists ranking corruption in various...


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