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Corruption and Black Money in Politics

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A study about the effects of black money in our national economy has revealed many interesting facts and this time I am going to show them to you. It is believed by some experts in economics that recession and such phenomena are possible only in white money. In black or unaccounted money they are not evident. This is possible because all the so called controls those various governmental bodies such as Reserve Bank introduce and due to which recession is caused are not affecting this black money. Black money economy is always parallel to white money economy but unaffected by the rules those control white money. We may say that laws of natural economy control black money movement while laws of artificial economics control movements of white money.
What is black money?

Now we will have to know how black money is generated out of white money and how these two economies co-exist. In our country as everybody knows that black money is generated in the government itself. We shall see how that happens. when people want to do any work corrupt government officers often demand bribe this bribe is the beginning of the black money. Not every time though, in most of the work, which is out of regular, or illegal, payment of bribe or hafta (payola) is essential. Interesting part is that in such cases party offering to get work done is interested in paying the bribe. For normal work to expedite it some bribe is demanded and reluctantly though it is paid to the corrupt government employees. I am not making any unusual statement in saying it, every body who has to do work with government or any such public body like municipality, zilla parishad etc., payment of bribe either to get out of normal work or to get normal work in time bribes are paid. You can imagine daily how much bribe paid to these government workers at all India level. One estimate is that about one billion rupees are paid in bribe to get things done every day. This bribe is the first step of the black money....


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