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Do Politicians Have Something to Offer to India?

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I really wish to write poetry on this but I am not a poet but a writer who cannot do anything except expressing my anger and frustration. I know there would be no positive change; negatively my country is changing very fast in shape of scams, scandals, crime and corruption. The people who are really concerned for the country are labeled as insane and there passion towards country is labeled as fake patriotism but who give this label? Well there are millions of people in the country who are actually not concerned with the country or place where they live , they are only concerned for money , they can even leave there motherland and can even change themselves completely for the rain of money. People with these negative and self centered intentions not only hate other people but they also criticize the social activists and normal people who show guts against corruption.

Well India is our country, we always shout and say that India is our mother but are we really doing something good which makes a mother proud?

There are many factors which show our hypocrite attitude, for example why we are so dependent on imported goods? Just because of technology or maybe we do not trust the made in India brand.

Well living in India is a struggle and mess for many as the surrounding conditions are not fully developed, the untidy streets and greenbelt and uncomfortable amenities works like cheery on the cake. The politicians are good for nothing, instead of providing the basic amenities, they snatch the given amenities. Well when people try to act responsible and show activism, the government punishes them with the gift of inflation and complicated policies.

The normal average person asks himself what I can do, it’s not my battle. We fight for the country and we get nothing except punishment and criticism in return then why to waste the precious blood and sweat for the people who don’t want to hate corruption. The people who are blindly insane for money are the most...


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