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Mgt 195 Term Paper Strategic Planning at the Chronicle Gazette

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MGT 195 Term Paper Strategic Planning At The Chronicle Gazette

MGT 195 Term Paper Strategic Planning At The Chronicle Gazette
Introduction: Problems in Publishing:
All businesses must be concerned with the rapid pace of change we face today.
No company is secure, not even the largest and most profitable. Coping with
change has been a business concern since people began doing business. Recall
how the arrival of automobiles put buggy whip manufacturers out of business.
Todays pace of change is unprecedented. Consider what has happened in the
retailing arena. Online retail sales went from nearly nothing in the mid-1990s to a
projected $242 billion in 2010. Traditional retailing stores have been heavily
affected. eBay has become a retailing behemoth enabling individuals to buy and
sell goods online with total annual sales in the billions of dollars.
Or consider the fate of many dot-coms. One of the most spectacular dot-com
stories the rise and fall of AOL illustrates how technology (telephone-based
online computing) created a huge success story, and how technology (Internet
email) led to a reversal of this success.
A major goal of strategic planning is to anticipate environmental changes
(economic, business, political, governmental, social) and prepare the
organization for dealing with them. Clearly, in this age of rapid change, all
business entities should engage in some measure of strategic planning. Without
it, they will have difficulty negotiating todays turbulent business environment.
One industry that is currently suffering the destabilizing consequences of the
Internet revolution is the publishing industry. Included here are textbook
publishers, trade book publishers, newspaper publishers, and magazine
publishers. All publishers are facing serious challenges. Revenues are down
across the board. If these challenges are not handled...


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