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Running head:   Abortion 1

Abortion, Pro-Life
March 12, 2016

Ann McLane Kuster once said, “The truth is that contraception saves lives, prevents unplanned pregnancies, improves outcomes for children and reduces the number of abortions.” Abortion should not be a method of birth control. In my opinion, I believe that the only time abortion should be legal is when the pregnancy threatens the woman or the woman was raped or incest was involved, something is wrong with her child that he or she would not make it through childbirth or the child's lifespan after childbirth is shortened, then it should be up to the mother if she wants to abort that child. No matter how you look at this topic, there is not a clear-cut line between pro-life and pro-choice.
No matter how you look at this and depending on the question you ask you may get a different answer every time. It is what you believe in. Many religions do not believe in abortion. They believe that sexual intercourse is for procreation purposes. Children conceived within a marriage is considered children of god. Terminating a child of god is a sin. The fetus is a human being the moment of conception, so they feel that would mean abortion is murder.
Pro-choice, if abortion would be illegal many mothers would seek to have an abortion anyways. The woman would seek abortions in secrecy and likely would not care about the sanitary condition and professional care. Overall, having an abortion in this time of age is a very safe procedure. Less than 1% of abortions performed today, before the twenty-one weeks of pregnancy result in major complications such as heavy bleeding or infections.

  It is the mother's decision whether she wants to have an abortion. The woman would be denied their constitutional right to their privacy. The woman simply wants to have control over their bodies and future. The bottom line for pro-choice is that abortion is safe and a legal way to...


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