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“The only obligation which I have the right to assume is to do at anytime what I think…” this powerful quote was said by Thoreau stating his opinion on the importance of individuality. Many people have the right to their own beliefs and feeling. It is important to let the people be aware of what’s out their.   One of America’s most controversial subjects is abortion and my belief that it should be a women’s right to decide for what’s best for her.  

Women should have the freedom of choice of how they will live their lives. In some cases unfortunately, women become victims of rape everyday and in many of these cases women become pregnant. It is not imaginable what kind of torture it would be for a woman to unwillingly bare a child conceived due to rape. This is one circumstance under which abortion should be taken under consideration. Rape is a big issue and a woman should not be held with the burden of being reminded with that confrontation. A choice needs to be available to prevent the birth of unwanted children, to avoid damage to the child as well as to safe guard the emotional and physical health of women.

Everyone should be able to make their own choices. They should have the right to go ahead and have an abortion or to be able to keep the life they created. There may be cases in which a teen gets pregnant and does not want her family to know. She may want to have an abortion. If abortions are illegal the teen will most likely try to force a miscarriage. In some cases the teen dies and the parents are without their love one. Many adolescents in today’s world, as well as unsure adults, make the choice to have an abortion. These decisions are sometimes made and based on the fact that they know they cannot take care of   the baby they are about to give birth to. Some people make mistakes and might think that having a baby would totally destroy their lives as well as the life of their child. A woman should not be denied her right to her personal...


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  1. Not bad attempt
    • Jan 20, 2008 - Evaluator: (dunlikeenglish)
    • I really like your introduction as using a quote was a really good way to open and support your viewpoint. However I felt your body was a bit weak and more reasons as to why abortion should not be made illegal would have been nice. It wouldn't hurt as well to add some statistic data in these types of essays to further demonstrate how serious the issue is. @rockhs16. You're a fag. Instead of just paying out this person's opinion, how about you write you own essay which is against abortion?? And just based on your comment, it seems you are unable to think of the bigger picture here. True: killing an innocent unborn child is not a solution for raped victims. But if you think about, why the f*^& should a woman go through the pain of enduring 9 months of misery and shame only to deliver a child she has no love for?? It seems totally unfair to the woman who may have so much things she still wants to do in life and not being tied down as a mother. That is why abortion should be an option for these victims to take. So yeah, you go suck my d***