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Abortion Ending. Me Inside.

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My qualms with Planned Parenthood, are as follows, and very strongly I say, the institution is the careless, disgruntled teenager\'s answer to eighteen hells. Abortion Day. Abortion Day! Abortion Day at Planned Parenthood, women flock to the waiting rooms as if it were a holiday. The only fight that can be offered for this so called free for all is Christian ethic. Stop me, if this gets carried away,Professor. Stop me, right now. The only reason for abortion is social pathology. Acceptance, yet rejection, two ambivalences that are one in the same here. Women that can disconnect themselves from their bodies, that feel as if they are no longer owners of their own fates, bewilder me. Tell me how can one murder an innocent without compunction? Oh but let us offer the argument that a child within the first months of life is only gray matter lacking breath, lacking hope. Let us offer the lie that human life begins after birth without any regard to the ultrasounds that show otherwise. A woman, to say that she is the captain of her body and the child a passenger within her womb to be thrown off ship. Yes, let us pretend that life comes awake after the sickness fails.

    Do not bother to make the cliched argument to me, \'What if the victiom is raped or a child of incest? How much harder is it to look at the face of a child knowing that he is borne of a rapist?\" Is that the prochoice logic? Is this all that they can offer me? I rebut, what about the love that begins as soon as that child takes breath, that maternal instinct that is scheduled to kick in? The prochoice bluffs its muscle and retorts to me often, \"Sometimes that maternal instinct doesnt kick in. What about the women that have post partum depression? The women that drown their children years after they are born? Where was that maternal instinct? Was the maternal instinct to return them to their makers?\" I fret as they continue, \" What about the women that are on drugs that give birth to addicted...


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