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Ball Mill Physical Detailed Construction and Working Principle

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Ball mill physical Detailed Construction and working principle

What is the ball mill, ball mill is doing, the working principle of ball mill, still at a loss?Do not be a loss, Henan Xingbang for you to explain, allowing you to purchase the industry, such as fish to water as smoothly in the ball mill, ball mill a circular cylinder, the cylinder ends with end caps with a hollow journal, the end cap shaft neck supported on bearings, ball mill rotary motor through a gear mounted on the cylinder in the cylinder body equipped with grinding media (steel balls, steel bars, or gravel, etc.) and grinding the ore, the total load capacity of the cylinder effective volume of 25-45%.Cylinder Cone crusher price around the horizontal axis of rotation speed of the provisions of the cylinder body of the grinding media and minerals in the role of the centrifugal force and friction, the cylinder liner raised to a certain height, and then out of the cylinder wall freely spilled drop or throw fall, so that the ore alicey999   impact and grinding stripping effect and grinding.Ore from the cylinder end of the hollow journal continue to give into the ground future products continue to discharge the cylinder other end of the hollow journal, the movement of the cylinder body of ore is the use of pressure to continue to give into the ore.Wet processing, ore flow away.Dry grinding, the ore out of the airflow outside the cylinder away.Working principle of ceramic ball mill cylinder rotation of the motor by deceleration device driver, the cylinder body of the broken ore and steel balls in the cylinder rotation by friction and centrifugal force liner taken to a certain height due to gravity, they have thrown down and diarrhea fall, ore gradually being crushed under the impact and abrasive.Crushed ore discharge section to outside the discharge tube.Discharge of minerals in the spiral classifier after grading a qualified product, jaw crusher   grit through joint feeder back to the mill to continue...


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