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Xingbang Ball Mill Status Quo and Future Direction

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XingBang ball mill status quo and future direction_Ivylm522Comprehensive analysis of four technical characteristics of the prosperous lattice-type ball mill Filed a lattice-type ball mill, it has become the mainstay of the grinding operations in the mineral processing industry, the holes on the lattice-type ball mill plaid lining prosperous machine independent R & D and manufacturing is tilted arrangement, the width of the hole gradually expanded to the row of mine side, you can prevent pulp back in, and coarse-grained congestion, so the obvious advantages of industry, this paper, we to fully resolve the four technical characteristics of the prosperous lattice-type ball mill.

First of all, join us to understand the concept of lattice-type ball mill: pulp mill beneficiation Jaw Crusher process in the lower row of ore side plaid lining on the pore into the fan room, and then with the cylinder to the upper part and along the channel discharge.Lined with wear-resistant inner sleeve of the ball mill hollow journal, and the end of the trumpet-shaped blade made in order to guide the outflow of slurry along the blade mill, ball mill slurry is discharged through the Rotary Kiln grid plate row of ore device, so called lattice-type ball mill . Prosperous lattice-type ball mill reason why popular on the market in the industry, mainly because the device has a unique technical characteristics favored, leading experts in the prosperous jaw crusher machine to the specific analysis prosperous lattice-type ball mill four characteristics: The Xingbang lattice-type ball mill as a whole rack, easy ball mill to civil construction and equipment installation; prosperous lattice-type ball mill drive uses rolling instead of sliding bearings, friction is greatly reduced, easy to start, significant energy saving; The Xingbang lattice-type ball mill using a grooved ring liner to increase the contact surface of the ball ore, and the abrasive, and enhance the capacity of the ore, reducing...


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