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Xingbang Analytical Ball Mill Equipment Vibration Causes

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XingBang analytical ball mill equipment vibration causes_Ivylm522Prosperous mill technological innovation in line with industry norms mill actual The prosperous mill technology innovation in line with industry norms mill practice, in recent years, high-speed stirred ball mill to expand for the processing of coarse raw materials, and produce a fine product.Put into operation with the commencement of high-speed railway in China, the demand of the mill grow with each passing day, the State conducted a comprehensive analysis of the quality and performance at this time, our mill in the course of development over the past few years: China ball mill, backward technology, the transmission chain length, loosely structured, serious mechanical wear, high failure rate, oil spills leakage jaw crusher of material phenomena can not cure.Later,

with the significant progress in many industrial sectors in the stirred ball mill for fine grinding.The ball mill mills of special design Rotary Kiln features in the grinding process can not imagine. Prosperous new mill equipment, the introduction of new technologies to transform the first drive of the mill equipment.My company's own production of the planetary gear reducer.Change the edge of a single transmission of a block machine single drive, compact structure.High efficiency, reliable operation. Second:The main bearings.Dynamic pressure bearing changed to static and dynamic pressure bearing, high and low pressure thin oil lubrication station; low-voltage normally open high-voltage starter to open the way.Have good lubrication, starting and running and starting torque about 40% lower than the original.Transmission efficiency is greatly improved, while improving the working conditions of the shaft and bearings. 3 Cylinder: the cylinder from the original diameter of 2.7x3.6m and changed 3mx3.6m.Increase the effective volume of production increased by 32t / h 40t / h.In order to prevent leakage, cylinder installed within the wear-free...


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