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Pu500 Unit 6 Assignment

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PU500 Unit 6 Assignment

Unit 6 Assignment: Community of Professionals
Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:
• Explain the concept of diversity as it describes the American people.
• List some limitations related to collecting racial and ethnic health data.
• Explain health issues specific to maternal and child health.
• Identify professional resources for additional support and training.
Course outcome assessed/addressed in this Assignment:
PU500-1: Evaluate a public health issue within a community.
• In this scenario you continue to work for a public health organization that is
operating a mobile health intervention unit. Your Supervisor has been asked to
propose some additional training for the unit as well as clarify her position on the
use of social media for networking in public health. She has asked you to
complete each of the following trainings to provide a preliminary report on the
public health issues of your chosen community as well as evaluate LinkedIn© as
a possible option for approved social media networking. She would like a short
but formal report. Your report should be in APA formatting.
• Open your Train.org account: http://www.train.org. Complete the following
o Cultural Diversity, Health Disparities and Public Health, Course ID
1030505 (2 hours)
o Defining the Challenge (WISH, Module 2), Course ID 1050125 (1 hour)
o Submit your certificate of completion to the Dropbox.

View the Career Services Touch-point Module: LinkedIn. A transcript of the
presentation is available here.
Write a 3-5 page paper including the following:
o About 1 page of the paper should be dedicated to evaluating the public
health issues you suspect for the community(ies) you are researching for
the health intervention.
o The remainder of the paper should include your thoughts on the use of
social media as a means to improve health and network...


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