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Ash Info 103 Week 3 Assignment Using Microsoft Excel

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INFO 103 Week 3 Assignment Using Microsoft Excel
As indicated in the guidance for Week 3 Excel can be used for many purposes.   For example, Excel can be used to develop and track your personal income and expenses against a monthly budget.   Assume a family has developed a monthly budget and desires to compare actual expenses for July to their budget.  
Before we begin, for income and savings we use the formula (Actual – Budget) and for costs or expenses we use the formula (Budget – Actual).   We do this because we are trying to determine whether the difference or variance is better or worse.   It is better to earn a higher salary but it is worse to spend more than budget.
Here are the detailed instructions:
1.     In cell A1, enter the following title for this worksheet: Personal Budget vs. Actuals.
2.     In cell A3, enter the following: Item.
3.     In cell B3, enter the following: Factor.
4.     In cell C3, enter the following: Budget Amount.
5.     In cell C4, enter the following: Per Month.
6.     In cell D3, enter the following: Actual Amount.
7.     In cell D4, enter the following: July.
8.     In cell E3, enter the following: Difference.
9.     In cell E4, enter the following: (Better/Worse)
Be sure to expand the columns so that the contents don’t overlap the adjacent columns. At this point, this is what your spreadsheet should look like:

The following set of instructions will build your line items list:
10.     In cell A5, enter the following: Salary
11.     In cell A6, enter the following: Federal Taxes
12.     In cell A7, enter the following: State Taxes
13.     In cell A8, enter the following: Available Income
14.     Leave cell A9 blank.   Leave all other cells in row 9 blank
15.     In cell A10, enter the following: Living Expenses:...


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