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Bus 515 Midterm Exam Assignment

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Multiple Choice Question 56
Supply chain management involves managing:
• the flow of internal information only.
• the flow of materials and information from suppliers and buyers to the final customer.
• the flow of raw materials to inventory only.
• managing the stock room supply only.

Multiple Choice Question 14
A company with a low customer contact that is capital intensive is called:
• a farm
• manufacturing
• quasi-manufacturing
• service
• industrial era operations management

Multiple Choice Question 50
When was the first mathematical model for inventory management developed?
• 1770
• 1865
• 1900
• 1913
• 1930

Multiple Choice Question 68
Operations management personnel perform a variety of functions, including all of the following except ___________________.
• analyzing production problems
• analyzing potential mergers
• developing forecasts
• developing employee schedules
• monitoring inventory

Multiple Choice Question 7
At the GAP, which function plans and coordinates all the resources needed to design, produce, and deliver the merchandise to its various retail locations?
• engineering
• human resources
• marketing
• operations management
• purchasing

Strayer University Midterm Exam Study Guide BUS 515 Midterm Exam

Multiple Choice Question 24
When does productivity increase?
• inputs increase while outputs remain the same
• inputs decrease while outputs remain the same
• outputs decrease while inputs remain the same
• inputs and outputs increase proportionally
• none of these choices

Multiple Choice Question 4
The process of monitoring the external environment is called what?
• environmental examination
• environmental inspection
• environmental scrutiny
• environmental perusal
• environmental scanning

Multiple Choice Question 12
Highly-skilled hourly workers would be most needed by companies employing which of the following competitive priorities?
• location
• cost
• flexibility


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