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Computer Effect on Finance

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Processor architectures: RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computers), CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computers) and Superscalar. Instruction Set and Addressing Modes. Assembly Language. Basics of Digital Logic and Hardware Construction. Memory Organization and the Cache Principles. System Buses. Input/Output methods and devices.

1|Introduction|· What is computer architecture?· What is computer organization?· Levels within the computer architecture· Structure and function of a computer|
2|System Buses|· Computer components· Interconnection structures· What are buses· Bus types and characteristics|
3|Internal Memory|· Memory and the memory hierarchy· Main memory, Registers, Cache, Mapping functions|
4|External Memory|· Why external memory· Common storage media and their characteristics· RAID|
5|Input/Output and the Operating System|· I/O modules· I/O channels and the processor· Programmed I/O, Interrupt-driven I/O and DMA· External interfaces etc|
6|The Operating System|· Overview of OS· Scheduling, Memory management etc|
7|Instruction Sets(Characteristics and Functions)|· Machine instruction characteristics· Instruction representation ant types· Number of addresses, design and operand types etc|
8|Instruction sets(Addressing modes and Format)|· Addressing modes and Instruction format· Instruction length, instruction format etc· Fixed/variable length instructions etc|
9|RISC Vs CISC|· What is RISC, What is CISC and their characteristics· Comparison of RISC Vs CISC systems etc|
10|Superscalar Systems|· What are superscalar systems· Their execution mode and their implementation|
11|Boolean Algebra and Digital Logic|· Boolean Algebra· Gates, Truth Tables|
12|Parallel Processing|· Multiple Processors, organization· Symmetric Processing and Asymmetric processing|
13|Assembly Language Programming|· What is Assembly Language Programming· How does it differ from the others· Examining the...


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