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Learning on the School Bus & Vygotsky's Social Learning Theory

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Brief Summary

“Why are Students Not Learning on the School Bus?” provides alternative, non-traditional methods of teaching students. The author, Keshia L. Gaines, Ph.D. offers ground-breaking techniques to expand areas for learning opportunities. Research has shown that academic achievement is related to the amount of time a student is engaged in learning. Also, school schedules do not highlight the non-instructional times of a student’s school day. During the school day, missed learning opportunities often occur during transition times, bathroom breaks, intercom interruptions, lunch time, and many other unstructured and unplanned times. The author’s new “Bus-stop 2 Bus-stop™” method is designed to replace academic down-times with unique learning opportunities for outside the classroom. Also, this section gives information about Vygotsky’s social learning theory. (When this book refers to “learning on the school bus” or “learning outside the classroom,” the author is referring to learning academic content).

Bus-stop 2 Bus-stop™ - a learning method for increasing academic achievement by exposing students to academic content outside the classroom (areas such as the bus stop, school bus, cafeteria, bathrooms, hallways, playgrounds, other school areas, and by academic content on clothing of all students and staff members). The Bus-stop 2 Bus-stop™ Learning Method was created by Dr. Keshia L. Gaines in the Fall of 2010.

“Learning on the School Bus” and the Bus-stop 2 Bus-stop Method

The idea behind the Bus-stop 2 Bus-stop™ learning method is that students will be exposed to academic content starting at the school bus stop. Students will continue to be exposed to academic content throughout their school hours until they get dropped off at that same bus stop at the end of the school day. The name Bus-stop 2 Bus-stop™ was created because the method constantly exposes students, in many different and entertaining ways, to academic content from each “bus stop to...


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