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Fin 370 Final Exam(Newest)

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1. Which financial statement reports the amounts of cash that the firm generated and distributed during a particular time period?
• statement of retained earnings
• Income statement
• Statement of cash flows
• Balance sheet

2. We commonly measure the risk-return relationship using which of the following?
• Expected returns
• Coefficient of variation
• Correlation coefficient
• Standard deviation

3. What's the current yield of a 6 percent coupon corporate bond quoted at a price of 101.70?
• 6.1 percent
• 10.2 percent
• 6.0 percent
• 5.9 percent

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4. Which financial statement reports a firm's assets, liabilities, and equity at a particular point in time?
• Statement of cash flows
• Balance sheet
• Statement of retained earnings
• Income statement

5. As new capital budgeting projects arise, we must estimate__________.
• the cost of the loan for the specific project
• the cost of the stock being sold for the specific project
• when such projects will require cash flows
• the float costs for financing the project

6. Will's Wheels, Inc. reported a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.65 times at the end of 2013. If the firm's total debt at year-end was $5 million, how much equity does Will's Wheels have?
• $3.25 million
• $5 million
• $7.69 million
• $0.65 million

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7. Which of these is the process of estimating expected future cash flows of a project using only the relevant parts of the balance sheet and income statements?
• Cash flow analysis
• Incremental cash flows
• Substitutionary analysis
• Pro forma analysis

8. Which of these is the term for portfolios with the highest return possible for each risk level?
• Total portfolios
• Efficient portfolios
• Modern portfolios
• Optimal portfolios

9. Which financial statement shows the...


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