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Acct 251 Week 3 Quiz Latest

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ACCT 251 Week 3 Quiz Latest
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(TCO 1) The name of the sample company or companies included in the Peachtree Complete Accounting 2010 software is/are:
Pavilion Garden Supply.
Bellwether Garden Supply and Stone Arbor Landscaping.
Berkeley Custom Pools & Spas.
Stone Arbor Landscaping.
Fabrikam, Inc. and Northwind Traders.
Question 2. Question :
(TCO 1) To display the size of your backup file, you can use the Windows program called:
Windows Explorer.
scan disk.
Windows Accessories.
Windows Defender.
Question 3. Question :
(TCO 1) The Options menu has selections that allow the user to:
check global settings and define an Internet connection.
Back up.
print reports.
enter journal entries.
post to the general ledger.
Question 4. Question :
(TCO 2) In the computer accounting cycle, the following report is not included:
adjusted trial balance.
unadjusted trial balance.
financial statements.
statement of cash flow.
Question 5. Question :
(TCO 6) The customer ID for Teesdale Real Estate is:
Teesdale 01.
Teesdale Estate.
Question 6. Question :
(TCO 6) On the Navigation Bar, make the following selections to enter a sales invoice:
Customers & Sales page; click on the Customers icon and select View and Edit Customers.
Customers & Sales page; click on the Sales Invoices icon and select Set Up Invoice Defaults.
Tasks; Purchases/Receive Inventory.
Customers & Sales page; click on the Sales Invoices icon and select New Sales Invoice.
Inventory & Services page; click on the Invoice icon, select View and Edit Invoices.
Question 7. Question :
(TCO 6) The standard sales discount, in terms of number of days, for Bellwether Garden Supply is:
no sales discount is offered.
a discount if balance is paid in full within 10 days.
a discount if balance is paid in full within 15 days.
a discount if balance is...


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