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The Invisible Man Quiz
1- What season was it when the stranger arrived?
A. Winter * B. Spring
C. Summer D. Fall
2- What was the Invisible Man’s favorite room?
A. The Kitchen B. The Basement
C. The Parlor * D. The Bathroom
3- What was the stranger doing before he wanted tea?
A. Blowing his nose
B. Staring off into space
C. Clock-Mending *
D. Praying
4- What did the women do when she heard the noise in the hall?
A. Called the police
B. Went back to sleep scared *
C. Went out with a shotgun
D. Started talking acting like it was not problem
5- Why does the stranger say “ If it upsets you, put it on my bill?”
A. He’s rich
B. Wants to be left alone *
C. Want to pay a lot of money for his bill
D. Likes to be dirty
6- What was in the crate that perceived?
A. Knives B. Test tubes and a balance
C. Beetles C. Both B and C
7- What did the stranger look like when he was in the bar?
A. Red face B. Throwing Stuff
C. Angry old man D. Frustrated
8- When the people spotted the invisible man what was the man holding?
A. Sarsaparilla * B. Knife
C. Hammer D. Gun
9- What two things did the invisible man steal?
A. Loaf of bread and cheese *
B. Smokes and lighter
C. Pasta and sauce
D. Sausage and peppers
10- What does Mr. Marvel compare what he feels like to?
A. Horse racing B. Hunting
C. Cock fighting * D. Cooking


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