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Book Report: the Chronicles of Narnia

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The Chronicles of Narnia :

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.


The book starts in a house with four children and a mother. Outside there was a war going on, bombs were being dropped and gunfire could be heard. There was commotion in the house as a bomb had dropped near by. The mother realised that it was not safe for the children anymore. So she sent them to their professor’s house. The children peter, Lucy, Susan and Edmund. The professor was rather quiet, but sweet. It was a big mansion that they were living in. one day the children decided to play a game of hide and seek.   Lucy was wandering about in the house trying to find a place to hide, when she stumbled upon a room with a wardrobe inside it. She opened the wardrobe it was rather large. She stepped into it putting her arms out in front of her so she would not bump into the woodwork at the back of the wardrobe. Then she felt something getting crushed by her feet. She bent down it was soft, powdery and extremely cold. She got up and something prickly was at her nose, not a coat but a tree branch. In another minute she was standing between a wood in night time. She could se a light not so close by. She started walking towards it until she saw that it was a lamppost. She was standing and gazing at the lamppost when she heard patter of footsteps which sounded like hooves. It was mr.tummnus the faun. He invited Lucy for tea in his cottage. He told her that she was in the land of Narnia. He told her about the white witch and how she had proclaimed herself the queen of Narnia and cast a spell over the land so it would remain winter throughout the year. He also told her about Aslan the lion who was the original ruler of Narnia. Meanwhile Edmund had also found the wardrobe. He too stepped inside but was not greeted by Mr.tummnus but by a sleigh getting pulled by reindeer. It was the white witch. At first she thought that Edmund was some kind of overgrown dwarf who had his beard cut off. But she...


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