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How to Install and Debug Grain Hulling Machine?

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How to Install and Debug Grain Hulling Machine?

Check whether there has foreign matters in the grain hulling machine, then switch on. 

When the grain hulling machine has a normal running, send material to the feeding port.

Observe grain peeling process of the discharge port. Turn the gap adjustment dish and adjust the gap between the two grinding wheels. Clockwise rotation makes the gap decrease, conversely, anticlockwise rotation makes the gap enlarge.

When the gap is adjusted, we plug the safety pin of the turning disc in the shell hole for normal production. 

Observe the grain hulling machine charging quantity. If the charging quantity is too large, then reduce it. 

If there has sudden failure, we should cut off the power and check the machine.

Don’t make any foreign matters to the feeding port of the grain hulling machine. Don’t stretch hand into the canister of the feeding port. 

The halting sequence and the boot sequence should be opposite. 

The above is the grain hulling machine operation methods. In grain hulling machine operation, we should  pay attention to these methods, and make the grain hulling machine have a long service life.

Correct installation and debugging matters whether the grain hulling machine can have a good performance in operation. First, let’s learn how to install the grain hulling machine. 

Confirm the grain hulling machine installation location according to the work place condition. 

Check the connecting bolts and nuts of each part. If they are loose, screw up in time. 

The grain hulling machine should be installed firm and revised horizontally. 

Adjust the motor’s installation location and the triangle belt tightness degree.

Connect the power supply according to the power utilization demand.
Then, let’s learn about grain hulling machine debugging methods. 

Switch on and have an idling running test. Check whether the motor’s revolving direction is correct. 

Check whether each...


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