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Have You Known Installation and Debugging of Roller Crusher

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Along with our country coal, mining, construction and other industries development of scale, the roll crusher presents the types, number increasing, constantly enrich models. Customers on the crusher the continuous improvement of product quality requirements, the crusher technology put forward higher requirements, especially for roll crusher is put forward higher requirements. In the current all kinds of multi-functional automatic crusher gradually into the various enterprises, it is necessary for people to domestic application situation and development of roller machine on further study. But do you know the installation and debugging of roller crusher?

The characteristics of roller crusher gear of the main structure are fixed, roll, roll shaft, long body, chassis, casing, gear cover parts, such as the roller broken power came from the triangle on the motor pulley, again by a pair of intermediate gear,Make fixed roll rotation, and then with the help of a fixed roll at the other end of the long a pair of gears, drive roll, two rolls into relative motion and extrusion materials.

Installation and debugging of roller crusher are as follows:

unit using reference this manual attached figure of foundation, foundation construction drawing design, will be to roll machine stability, on the basis of fixed in a specially designed, in order to better withstand machines are produced by force at work, can be placed under the chassis sleeper wood to make the whole machine and sleeper wood joint, and set aside discharge position.To roll broken supply in the form of a complete assembly, but must be examined in the transport process in the process of the Chinese for a long time storage, the machine with and without damage, sliding parts and lubrication of rustily, determine the machine can be intact before the installation, machine installation, and find out the level, and then the installation of the transmission parts according to drawings, drive belt should be adjusted...


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