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Three Kinds of Gravity Stoner Work Features

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Three Kinds of Gravity Stoner Work Features

TQSF Gravity Stoner is widely used in the flour milling, rice milling, feed and food processing industries. The material stream is stratified automatically on the working screen according to materials with different physical characteristics such as gravity, volumetric weight, coefficient of friction and suspension velocity etc. High density impurities such as stones can be reliable removal from a continuous material stream with high efficiency.
TQSF Gravity Stoner Main Features:
1.Nice effects of grading stone-relieving and low energy consumption;
2.Non-dust spreading, low noise and stable operation;
3.Uses double electrical machine vibration of high production efficiency;
4.Suitable for stone relieving of unhusked rice, wheat and corns after cleaning.
TQSS Gravity Stoner is applicable in rice processing to remove stones in unprocessed grains and processed grains which is particularly appropriate to be used in removing stones in rice. 

TQSS Series Gravity Stoner Features:
1. Our specific gravity destoner has compact size, smooth running, durable and reliable, convenient operation.
2. Our specific gravity destoner has high destoning efficiency with special fish-scales shaped sieve.
3. Our specific gravity destoner has no dust leakage with negative pressure air suction, and air volume is adjustable.
4. Our specific gravity destoner has inclination of sieve, is adjustable from 10 to 14 degrees, hence, it is widely adapted in various grains.
5. Our specific gravity destoner adopt reciprocating mechanism with rubber bearing, less vibrating, low noise.

TQSX Series Gravity Stoner is mainly used in the separation of food (grain,rice, wheat and corns etc) and stones with good stone-relieving effects. The gravity stoner uses made-to-order rubber torque limiter that is durable and can attenuate vibrations. 
The sunction specific gravity stoner features characteristics of stable operation, stable technique...


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