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Csec 640 Final Exam

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CSEC 640 Final Exam  
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• This test is open book and open note. All work, however, must be your own. You are not allowed to discuss this exam with anyone else.
• Points will be awarded or deducted based upon:
o The answer displays a sound understanding of the subject matter and course material.
o The support used in the answer corresponds to the information sought in the question
o The explanation displays a sound and thorough understanding of the matter in question.
o The answer reflects the student’s own thoughtful consideration of the material. You may quote and reference other sources if you like. If you do, please cite your sources and include a bibliography with your answer.  
• Partial credit will be given as appropriate. Do not leave any problem blank. Many questions have no right or wrong answers. If you encounter a problem that you don’t know the answer, make a logical guess (I would like to see how you think and react).

1.   [16 points total, TCP/IP]
a.   Unlike IP fragmentation (which can be done by intermediate devices), IP reassembly can be done only at the final destination. What problems do you see if IP reassembly is attempted in intermediate devices like routers? [8 points]
b. Let’s assume that Host A (receiver) receives a TCP segment from Host B (sender) with an out-of-order sequence number that is higher than expected as shown in the diagram. Then, what do Host A (receiver) and host B (sender) do? [8 points]

2. Describe or propose a way to detect ARP spoofing attack. What could be a possible weakness in your proposed method? Please do not discuss any prevention method (e.g., port security is an example of a preventive method). [8   points]

3.   [Wireless LAN Security-WEP] What is the main difference between the FMS attack and Chopchop attack? Clearly explain your answer [8 points]

4.   A huge enterprise...


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