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Netw 250 Week 1-7 Ilabs

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NETW 250 week 1-7 iLabs
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NETW 250 Full Course ILabs – latest August 2016

NETW250 Week 1 iLab – How Is the PSTN Used Today?

1. What is a VPN as you understand it (before reading AT&T’s description)? (5 points)

2. What is a VPN as AT&T describes it? (5 points)

3. What is the difference between a MPLS and an IPSec VPN as AT&T explains it? (5 points)

4. What is metro Ethernet? (5 points)

5. What are SONET ring services? (5 points)

6. Does AT&T offer frame relay? (5 points)

7. Does AT&T offer T-carrier service, also called private line? (5 points)

8. AT&T offers DWDM as a service. What is DWDM? (5 points)

NETW250 Week 2 iLab: Avaya IP Office Phone System

NETW250 Week 3 iLab: Observing VoIP Protocols Using Wireshark

NETW250 Week 4 iLab: Unified Communications Server Elastix: A One-Server Scenario

NETW250 Week 5iLab: VoIP Traffic Engineering

Task 1—Calculate the VoIP traffic load in access trunks to the Internet.
Q1.   What is the number of call-attempts during the busy hour at the company’s location?
Q2.   What is the traffic load in Erlangs during the busy hour?   Show calculation and units.

Q3.   What in the dimension of traffic measurement unit Erlang?
Task 2—Calculate the number of SIP trunks and access link bandwidth required for VoIP calls to the Internet.
Q4.   What is the difference between a completed call and a callattempt?

Q5.   What is the number of SIP trunks (lines from the online calculator) required to meet company’s need?
Q6.   What access bandwidth (Kbps from the online calculator) is required to connect the company’s location to the Internet?
Q7.   If T1 bandwidth is 1.544 Mbps, T3 bandwidth is 44.736 Mbps, and there are 28 T1 in a T3, what access connection(s) does the company need to lease in terms of T1 and/or T3?   Show the calculation.

Q8.   Enter a screenshot below showing the results from the...


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