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His-135 Week 7 Interview Assingment

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Week 7 Interview Assignment
Aaron Cobb
May 12th, 2013
Joseph Woodard

Week 7 Interview Assignment

During the Reagan Administration how would you describe the policies that emanated from the president's plan for the economy?

The policies were predicated upon deregulation of certain sectors within the economy including banking as well as tax cuts. The government sought to balance the budget by cutting social welfare programs that affected many people including myself. In addition I remember that the administration focused on supply economics, which sought to increase business investment by focusing on a greater supply of goods and services.

How would you describe the emergence of the New Right during this time period?

Regan and the New Right were a coalition of economic conservatives, social conservatives, and other conservatives whose principals were focused on changing economic policies and foreign policies as well as applying a strict opposition towards Soviet Communism. This New Right was predicated upon social issues that were linked with the Religious Right or social conservatives who were against abortion and other social issues that propelled the New Right's direction and ascension into controlling the White House and the senate.

What are your personal thoughts on the Iran Contra affair?

I recall that this was a sordid affair that was made public in late 1986. My recollections are that Reagans' administration engaged in the secret sales of arms to Iran for the attempt of resuming diplomatic relations and winning freedom for our soldiers who were held by Lebanon. These funds according to Oliver North were diverted to Nicaraguan contras despite of the United States Congress explicitly prohibiting this military assistance because of the human rights record of the Contras during their fight against their government.

How did Reagan's changes to Social security and other social programs impact you?

I believe that he passed a...


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