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Bam 421 Operations Management Unit 3 Examination

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BAM 421 Operations Management Unit 3 Examination
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BAM 421 Operations Management Unit 3 Exam

1. The behavioral approach to job design that involves giving the worker a larger portion of the total task is job _______________.
2. enlargement
3. enrichment
4. enhancement
5. rotation
6. involvement

2. When a worker has a say in the work methods that he/she wishes to utilize, his/her job is characterized by _______________.
3. skill variety
4. job identity
5. job significance
6. feedback
7. autonomy

3. Which of the following terms implies an increase in responsibility and control in the vertical direction?
4. job rotation
5. job enrichment
6. job re-design
7. job enlargement
8. job satisfaction

4. Which of the following statements describes job rotation?
5. The job contains a larger number of similar tasks.
6. The job includes some planning and control necessary for job accomplishment.
7. The operator works on different shifts on a regular basis.
8. The operator’s schedule is flexible.
9. The operator is allowed to move, for example, from one type of CNC machine to the other.

5. The difference between job enrichment and job enlargement is that ______________.
6. enlarged jobs involve vertical expansion while enriched jobs involve horizontal expansion
7. enriched jobs enable an employee to do a number of boring jobs instead of just one
8. job enlargement is more psychologically satisfying than job enrichment
9. job enrichment is suitable for all employees, whereas job enlargement is not
10. enriched jobs involve vertical expansion while enlarged jobs involve horizontal expansion

6. Suppose that the allowance factor for a job is 0.10 and the normal time...


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