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From Your Knowledge of Restaurants and from the Case Itself, Identify How Each of the 10 Decisions of Operations Management Is Applied at Hard Rock How Would You Determine the Productivity of the Kitchen Staff and Wait Staff at Hard Rock?

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Hard Rock Café got its start back in 1971 by two gentlemen, Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton, with a single pub in London, England. Their love of music was the foundation of the business from the very beginning and now 40 years later you can still see that passion throughout. They are currently in 52 countries and have 171 venues around the world. Their collection of memorabilia attracts music lovers of many eras and their logo is recognized globally. I will look at how Hard Rock Café has carefully applied the 10 critical decisions of operations management and how the productivity of the staff help to create such a phenomenon.
1. Service and product design.   Hard Rock started as a single pub offering good food and rock and roll music. Over the years they have stayed true to that basic concept but have continuously update and expanded to now having 134 cafes, 15 hotels/casinos, and many live music venues. By keeping the product and service that they know and are passionate about while   keeping up with the changing of times they have become a global icon without becoming a fad that comes and goes with time. Hard Rock knows that the service a customer receives is how they will remember the experience. That experience is what will bring them back again.
2. Quality management.   Hard Rock looks for quality in order to give a customer a positive experience. They only get quality suppliers for their food and retail and they hire quality staff. They do surveys to evaluate the quality of their food. They create products by analyzing them for cost, quality, and labor requirements. Their expectations of quality are set very high. All of these things contribute to the “experience” that Hard Rock expects for their customers.
3. Process and capacity design. Hard Rock collects memorabilia that is displayed for customers to see.
4. Location. Hard Rock’s are located in destination cities like Orlando, Dallas, Los Angeles, Berlin, and Paris. They are located in cities where...


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