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Ged 260 Criminology Unit 1 Examination Answers

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GED 260 Criminology Unit 1 Examination Answers
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1) A codified law is known as a
1. A) deviant act.
2. B) statute.
3. C) theory.
4. D) crime.

2) According to John F. Galliher, legal definitions of criminality are arrived atthrough a __________ process.
1. A) sociological
2. B) psychological
3. C) political
4. D) mainstream

3) Ron Classen sees crime primarily as
1. A) a violation of a law.
2. B) problem behavior.
3. C) an offense against human relationships.
4. D) a form of social maladjustment.

4) The pluralistic perspective suggests that behaviors are typically criminalizedthrough
1. A) general agreement of members of society.
2. B) a political process.
3. C) the existence of shared norms and values.
4. D) none of the above

5) Which of the following jobs probably would not fall within the field of criminalistics?
1. A) Fingerprint examiner
2. B) Polygraph operator
3. C) Forensics examiner
4. D) Correctional officer

6) A police officer or probation officer is best described as a
1. A) criminalist.
2. B) criminologist.
3. C) criminal justice professional.
4. D) none of the above

7) __________ definitions focus on criminology’s role in uncovering the underlying causes of crime.
1. A) Scientific
2. B) Causative
3. C) Disciplinary
4. D) None of the above

8) According to various professional groups, violence in television, music, videogames, and movies
1. A) may lead to increased levels of violent behavior among children.
2. B) may lead to decreased levels of violent behavior among children.
3. C) may lead to emotional sensitization toward violence in real life.
4. D) may have no effect on levels of violent behavior among children....


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