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Christopher Columbus

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"Christopher Columbus"
Christopher Columbus, originated from Genoa until he moved to Spain. He was the man, who was known to 'discover' America, but now most of us know he didn't. Most of us know that he found various islands and thought that he landed in Asia. Columbus was known to give the first Native Americans their nicknames which were Indians. He traveled the world seeking goods, introducing religion, and making Europe, Asia, and Africa connect with each. But most say that we should not worship his achievements because he was cruel to the Native American during his journey. Although most people defend the Native American, Columbus should still be celebrated for his achievement and the not attacked by the mistakes he made for being strongly ambitious.
Columbus did enslave and kill many Native American lives, but many people during Columbus's time killed those who were colored. Columbus was not the only one during his voyage. There were many other that were enslaving Africans and Native Americans. In a book called, The Worlds of Christopher Columbus by William and Carla Philips; they stated in that:
When Columbus was born, Europe, Africa, and Asia were part of the Old World of the Eastern Hemisphere, but they have also separated worlds culturally, religiously, and politically.
Because Columbus did his voyage, they stated that if he didn't then Europe, Africa, and Asia would still be unknown to each other. We wouldn't even know that Europe, Africa, and Asia existed. Columbus assumed heroic proportion in the records of world history, partly because his accomplishments were a stunning success of his 1492 voyage that won fame as soon as he returned to Europe (William and Carla).
According   to a website, debat.org, there were people who defended Christopher Columbus. Most of them said that without Columbus having the guts to set sail around the ocean to find a new trade route for Spain, we wouldn't have what we have today. However, there were some that...


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