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Fi 3300 Web Ct Take Home Problem Set 4 Fall 2015 / Hwaid.Com

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FI 3300 Web CT Take Home Problem Set 4 Fall 2015 / hwaid.com

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Directions: This problem set covers chapters 8, 9 and 10 in the textbook. Determine or compute an answer for each question/problem. After you have computed an answer for every question, enter your answers online via the “quiz” function entitled “THPS-4 ANSWER SUBMISSION FORM.” See the course calendar for when the answer submission form will open and close. I will post a detailed solution key to the problem set right after the Answer Submission Form closes. See the course calendar for the day(s) on which I will answer questions about these problems in the chat room.

This is a take-home, open book, open notes financial statement analysis problem set. Work on this Assignment is to be yours alone - any discussion of either the questions on the assignment or your answers with anyone other than your instructor will be considered as cheating and, thus, as a violation of the GSU honor code.

All questions are equally weighted.

PART I: MULTIPLE CHOICE – Choose the letter of the most correct answer for each question. Record only one answer per question. Each question is worth 4 points.

1.   IS THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT TRUE or FALSE? “A financial security is simply a contract between the provider of funds and the user of these funds that clearly specifies the amount of money that has been provided and the terms and conditions of how the user is going to repay the provider.”

a.   True b.   False

2.   A consol is a bond that:

a.   Pays a fixed annual coupon amount, and when originally issued, is set to mature in 30 years. b.   Pays a fixed annual coupon amount, and when originally issued, is set to mature in 50 years.
c. Does not pay an annual coupon (i.e., the annual coupon payment is $0) but when it matures pays out the par value of the bond.
d.   Pays a fixed annual coupon amount forever.
e.   Does not pay an...


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