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What Are Some of the Problems of Tourism in Belize?

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What are some of the problems of tourism in Belize?

In Belize tourism brings in most of the income. During summer many tourists from all around
the world come to visit our beautiful country to enjoy the different thing we offer. Tourism is
great and helps our country it also bring new ideas to our country and people. Many of the
tourists visit our country to learn new things and also to teach us new things too.   These are some
of benefits of tourism. Tourism, has a negative effect to the country of Belize and three main
negative effects are :

In today’s society we see tourists as if they are some kind of salvation but, we don't stop for a
moment and see the destructions they’ve caused. My step father is a tour guide and he says when
he takes a group of tourist out to go scuba diving he notices that many of them would stop and
break pieces of the precious coral to take home as a souvenir. But what they don’t understand is
that by just breaking a little piece from a coral is very dangerous for it takes them years and years
to form. Many people don’t know that it actually happens, it really does. He tells them before
going in to the water to not harm anything they see he gives them a lesson on the harm it cause
so they could understand why he tells them not to touch or break anything.

In the village I live in it is partially owned by foreigner they have bought a large piece of land
from the villagers and made a large resort. They are taking over little by little buying as much as
they could. We Belizean prefer getting easy money for a land than working hard and cultivating
crops and fruits on it we look for the easiest way. The land that was once cherished that was
passed down from generation to generation is sold for a low price so we could get a little bit of
money. What we don’t know is that the tourist who buy it go back to the their country and sell it
for a move higher price. We are now being left homeless and start...


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